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Money Smart News: Winter 2018

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Money Smart News: Winter 2018

Money Smart News 

February 21, 2018

Welcome to the Winter 2018 issue of Money Smart News.  In this issue, we cover the following topics of interest:

  • Message from the FDIC
  • Money Smart News Success Story: How Educators in Ohio Are Helping New Fathers Learn to Manage Family Finances
  • New FDIC Resources to Support School-Based Savings Initiatives
  • FDIC, CFPB Webinar Provides Resources for the Disability Community
  • The Money Smart Alliance Continues to Grow
  • FDIC Advisory Committee Discusses Research and Initiatives to Promote Economic Inclusion
  • FLEC Meeting Reviews 2017 and Takes a Look Ahead
  • FDIC Consumer News Offers Tips on Dealing with Debt and Other Updates

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