Simple New Account Opening (SNAP)

Our web app technology, using an iPad, tablet or desktop computer, lets your staff completely and securely open accounts anywhere with Wi-Fi access in under 10 minutes.

Pinnacle is proud to share our newest solutions from Zelus Automation Platform that enable banks like yours to leverage the power of technology to expedite the account opening process and simplify maintenance or customer service support while reducing costs and eliminating paperwork.

J Gillen & Associates, the company that founded Pinnacle in 1997, formed Zelus Automation Platform, LLC, to ensure a dedicated focus on software development, implementation, and client support.

About SNAP

SNAP is exactly what its name says - a Simple New Account Platform that enables you to recall or create new customer records, open accounts, and handle customer or account maintenance and document generation.

Driven by an app and delivered through an iPad, tablet or even a desktop computer, SNAP enables banks to open business and consumer accounts safely and securely from anywhere inside or outside the bank.

SNAP is Fast, Secure, and Complete

Unlike some technology, our Simple New Account Platform and Simple Online Account Opening system operates via servers in your network. The server interfaces directly with your core provider and key third-party vendors for account approval reviews, check orders, and more. SNAP can completely replace your current account opening system. The easy-to-use and intuitive app-driven process is based on your bank's processes and procedures, and its self-validating technology virtually eliminates errors and the need for follow-up quality control. SNAP's integration options allow frontline team members opening accounts to handle every step in the process from beginning to end, saving time and money.

And SNAP has many key security features:

  • All data is encrypted and is transmitted quickly and securely.
  • Your bank controls adding devices and user access.
  • Secure sign-in is required.
  • SNAP uses your bank's active directory to authenticate users.

When you open an account using SNAP, it is 100% complete in real time when you tap "Upload." There is no need for additional document scanning or other steps to add a new account to your system. SNAP can fully and securely replace your current desktop processes with greater ease and accuracy and in less than 10 minutes.

SNAP Optimizes Convenience

  • Driver's license ID scan saves time by eliminating the manual keying of customer information.
  • Both consumer and business accounts are opened with SNAP.
  • Drop-down selections and SNAP's intuitive and dynamic technology prevents errors, reduces the need for edits or customer follow-up, and slashes training time.
  • Customers sign directly on a tablet, completing all disclosure documents with just a single digital signature.

SNAP Is Configurable

  • SNAP integrates with your current vendors (with API) and processes.
  • Our experts work with your team to understand and match or improve your internal workflow process.
  • SNAP automates manual processes and tasks, freeing your team to focus on your customers.
  • SNAP screen content and terminology are customized for your institution.


  • Position your bank to:
    • Open more accounts with fewer workstations
    • ​Reduce account opening time to less than 10 minutes
    • Double or triple your capacity without increasing branch square footage or personnel

Turn a “yes” into an open account – anywhere, with Wi-Fi access

  • Improve the customer experience by:
    • Accelerating account opening to save time for customers and employees
    • Enabling meaningful interaction with customers – not just data entry
    • Getting the banker from behind the desk to where the customer is
    • Eliminating the typical back and forth for document retrieval and approvals
  • Reduce expenses with:
    • Green delivery of disclosures and account documents
    • Increased accuracy and reduction in account opening errors
    • Reduced document printing and automation of processes
    • Significant reductions or elimination of hardware (printers/scanners and computer workstations)
    • Fewer back-office quality assurance processes required

When you partner with Zelus Automation Platform, you will gain a wealth of knowledge and proven experience in the delivery of an iPad-, tablet-, or desktop-based account origination system. We'd love to tell you more and share how our Simple New Account Platform (SNAP) and Simple Online Account Opening (SOAO) will revolutionize and streamline account opening for your bank.

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