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Snap Account Opening

iPad technology that lets your staff completely and securely open accounts anywhere with Wi-Fi access in under 10 minutes.

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  • Opens consumer and business accounts using an iPad anywhere there is Wi-Fi
  • Interfaces directly with Jack Henry Core Systems
  • Integrates with your current workflow and is customizable
  • Eliminates potential fraud by scanning driver's license barcode information directly to your system
  • Fully and securely replaces desktop account opening processes
  • Drop-down selections prevent errors and slash employee training time
  • Enables staff to focus on helping customers with the right products and services

Fast. Secure. Complete.

Snap's easy to use dropdown menu of account-opening choices is based on your bank's core, and its self-validating technology virtually eliminates errors and the need for follow-up quality control. Plus, unlike other tablet technology, Snap interfaces with your key vendors, allowing account opening staff to handle every step in the process from beginning to end, saving time and money. And Snap virtually eliminates potential identity fraud by scanning the barcode on a customer's driver's license to directly transfer customer data to your bank's system. All data is encrypted so it is transmitted quickly and securely.