Simple Online Account Opening (SOAO)

iPad technology that lets your staff completely and securely open accounts anywhere with Wi-Fi access in under 10 minutes.

Pinnacle is proud to share one of our newest solutions from Zelus Automation Platform that enables banks like yours to leverage the power of technology to expedite the account opening process and simplify maintenance or customer service support while reducing costs and eliminating paperwork.

J Gillen & Associates, the company that founded Pinnacle in 1997, formed Zelus Automation Platform, LLC, to ensure a dedicated focus on software development, implementation, and client support.

About SOAO

Our Simple Online Account Opening (SOAO) solution is now available and will enable your bank to leverage the SNAP server technology to power online account opening. SOAO provides a simple and easy-to-use tool to allow customers to open new accounts from anywhere using any device.

SOAO will allow prospects or customers to quickly and easily open accounts directly from your bank's website.

To take advantage of our Simple Online Account Opening (SOAO) solution, your bank must have already completed full implementation of SNAP our Simple New Account Platform.

We'd love to tell you more and share how our Simple New Account Platform (SNAP) and Simple Online Account Opening (SOAO) will revolutionize and streamline account opening for your bank.

Visit the Zelus website to learn more or to request a demo today!

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