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Peak Performance Measurement

Research proves that when you exceed customer expectations, you expand customer relationships.

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  • Monitor and measure sales and service performance
  • Improve service quality, customer satisfaction and retention
  • Identify best practices to be adopted across the institution
  • Ensure product and service delivery quality
  • Get feedback from front line operations
  • Monitor facility conditions
  • Understand what differentiates you in your market

Do your employees create memorable experiences for your customers? Does your service evoke positive responses? Do you really know what customers experience in banking with you? Mystery Shopping can help you get in touch with the service reality within your institution.

For over 20 years, our mystery shopping, customer satisfaction and competition studies have been tailored specifically to meet the needs of clients in the financial services industry, including regional holding companies, community banks, savings banks and credit unions. We know that each financial institution is different, so every program designed by Pinnacle is unique. We identify, track and trend behaviors that make a difference in your institution’s overall performance. We work closely with you to customize programs that fit your needs, objectives and your budget.


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Mystery Shopping

Creating a Performance Measurement Program


Telephone Shopping

A cost-effective, true-to-life evaluation of your service levels. Calls can be directed to your platform, lenders and/or call center.

Face-to-Face Shopping

A systematic and verifiable solution for monitoring the effectiveness of your employees& face-to-face sales and service levels.

Video Shopping

Hidden cameras capture the entire interaction for even greater sales, service and compliance measurements.

Internet Shopping

Make sure your customers are receiving the same level of service online as in your branches.

Competition Studies

Leverage your position in the market with an apples-to-apples comparison that tells you what differentiates you from your competition.

A performance measurement program geared toward positive reinforcement of employee performance is instrumental to staff development efforts. The detailed responses supplied by a shopper encounter provide your management team direct insight into areas that warrant re-training while also highlighting your outstanding performers. Ongoing assessment helps identify opportunities for motivating and educating a successful, service-focused and sales-oriented team.

We recommend the service types that best address your organizational goals, while staying within the confines of your budget. Interview type, shop types and frequency can vary by location to avoid schedules that over- or under-shop/interview any particular area. This allows you to target branch locations and regions that require more attention and to focus your budget dollars accordingly.

We work closely with you to determine all scenarios to be used within your mystery shopping program. All scenarios are developed with specific attention to the current level of employee training and employer expectation.

Pinnacle’s Mystery Shopping Programs provide:

  • Customized, behavior-specific surveys and scenarios tailored to your unique requirements, training goals and organizational objectives.
  • A variety of data-capture tools, from onsite evaluations and telephone surveys to marketing campaign audits and customer satisfaction interviews.
  • Online access to findings via a secure, password-protected system available around the clock.
  • Management-ready reports and analysis at any level of detail you desire.
  • Consultative support from former bankers focused on you and your institution.
  • Start-to-finish assistance in implementation and program development.
  • Unsurpassed quality assurance and quick turnaround.
  • Results that exceed your expectations.

"Voice of the Customer" Customer Satisfaction Studies

Measure a specific event or transaction ... or get the “pulse” of your customer base.



Our professional callers make in-person connections with your customers to gather survey responses and reactions.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

A cost-effective method to collect data from a large number of customers. Customers call a dedicated toll-free number and answer questions with their telephone keypad, record verbal comments and answers to open-ended questions. Program in multiple languages; offer incentives for response, and more.

Interactive Computer Response (ICR)

An even more cost-effective way to extend the reach of your research, enabling customers to complete your survey online.

Customer Satisfaction Studies help you identify the strengths and weaknesses in your customer interactions which in turn helps you improve the customer experience, increase retention and build long and loyal relationships.

Based on your business objectives, we reach out to your customers to gauge their perception of their experience with you. Our survey questions are designed to measure their satisfaction and identify opportunities for improvement. Find out what attracts customers to your institution … what keeps them coming back …which customers you are at risk of losing (and why) … how they feel about the institution, its branches and its representatives … and whether or not your employees are living up to your service standards.

Pinnacle’s “Voice of the Customer” Studies are designed to be an integral component of your sales and service measurement program:

  • Each study is customized to address the unique needs of each institution.
  • Competitively-priced and cost-effective, tailored to align with your budget parameters.
  • All surveys conducted by phone, typically no longer than 3-4 minutes.
  • Prompt, web-based reporting allows for immediate access and action.
  • A broad cross-section of respondents ensures highly credible data.
  • An independent third party survey ensures that opinions and/or complaints are recorded and reported without bias.
  • Survey questions can be targeted to meet specific operational needs.
  • In-house capability to handle small or large survey programs.
  • Survey data can provide useful marketing feedback for new promotional items and concept modifications.
  • Track long-term data to develop corporate norms, benchmarks, reviews and employee incentive systems.

Incorporating an Incentive Program

It is extremely important for the program to be presented to your employees in a positive way. Employees who are motivated by a fair reward system have been shown to meet and exceed expectations. If you would like more information about preparing an incentive plan to compliment your program, we can offer our suggestions. Based on your objectives and our experience, we can offer suggestions about preparing and presenting an incentive plan to compliment your mystery shopping program.