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To all of our wonderful Pinnacle Clients:

We have created a page of resources available to you and anyone else at your financial institution. We are all scrambling to adjust to “the new normal.” Let Pinnacle help you through this time. If you would like a job aid or an article on a topic that’s important to you, email us at And when you are ready, we can deliver most all of our Professional Development and Overdraft Privilege training remotely.

Thank you for taking care of your employees. Thank you for taking care of your accountholders. And most importantly, thank you for taking care of yourselves and your families. You’ve got this.

Paul Nunn
Director of Client Education

Liz Edgerley
Client Education Specialist

Click on the article name below to download our useful resources.


Podcast: Bank Training In a Remote Environment

We are in a brave new world and training our bankers is becoming an ever increasing challenge. Yet, at the same time, it is becoming more of a requirement in order to build culture and retention. Paul Nunn, with Pinnacle Financial Strategies is our guest today and he’s got some great insights on this topic that I think you’ll enjoy.

Training a Remote Workforce

Tips for conducting training for a remote workforce, including video conferencing, blended learning, and more.

Leading Employees Through Change

Tips and strategies for communicating during a time of change.

Easing Accountholder Fears

Tips, strategies, and phrases that can reassure your accountholders.

Team Building for Remote Employees

Tips and suggestions for virtual team building activities.

Managing a Remote Workforce

List of valuable tips your financial institution can use to help when managing a remote workforce.

Do You Know the Value of "Did You Know?"

A great article that can help your frontline employees (especially tellers) refer products and services.

Coaching Observation Form

Coaching your employees is even more necessary now. Feel free to download this fillable PDF document to help you coach your employees. If you would like directions on completing the form, email us at or call us at 713-335-4652.

How to Coach Reluctant Employees

Some employees may resist coaching from their leader. Here are a collection of articles to address what to do if an employee doesn't want to be coached.

Customer Views on Sales Practices in Financial Services

This is a very interesting article on how customers view sales practices. J.D. Power Special Report on financial services practice.

What Bankers Learned from Wells Fargo

Associated Press article about Wells Fargo's aggressive sales practices.

Video: Optimism helps. - by Simon Sinek

Optimism is different from positivity. And optimism is not naive either. Optimism accepts the truth of reality and looks forward to a brighter future. Optimism is the foundation of hope. And hope keeps us moving forward. There is a light at the end of this tunnel and we will get there...together. #togetherisbetter #takecareofyourself #takecareofeachother