Benefits for Institutions

Leverage technology to expedite and simplify account openings while reducing costs and eliminating paperwork.

Automated Account Opening Process

SNAP’s menu-driven set-up and validation process are customized to your institution. Pinnacle experts work with your team to understand and match or improve your internal workflow process. This approach saves you a significant amount of time, not only in opening new consumer and business accounts but also in new hire training. New employees are productive faster and current employees make fewer errors.


You control all devices through user access. SNAP uses your bank’s active directory to authenticate users.

SNAP virtually eliminates potential identity fraud by scanning the barcode on a customer's driver’s license to directly transfer customer data to your bank's system.

All data is encrypted so it’s transmitted quickly and securely.


SNAP displays all account appropriate disclosures right on the iPad for easy review with customers. It requires each document to be checked off demonstrating it was discussed with the customer.

eDisclosure and acceptance is built right into SNAP’s account opening process so customers understand their options and the benefits of receiving their documents electronically. As most customers accept eDisclosures, you avoid printing these documents, saving a tremendous amount of time and expense.

Account "Hold"

There are times when all parties to an account can’t be present to open an account at a branch. SNAP takes care of this as well. Our account “hold” feature enables employees to begin the account opening process with a customer and then hold the account and all information entered up to that point. A joint signer or business authorized signer can visit a different branch to provide his/her information or your employee can stop by the customer’s location to gather the needed information, easily merging it all into the account documents to complete the account opening process. No obligation for all signers to be present. No need to restart the account opening process. No requirement to print signature cards for missing signatures.

Pinnacle Support

We know what you expect from a business partner, so we make it easy for you to implement SNAP Account Opening.

Program Design and Consultative Guidance

We appreciate that no two banks are alike. That’s why we begin by working with you to understand your internal workflow process. We identify possible improvements and work with you to finalize the account opening process you’ll use going forward. We then customize SNAP's iPad drop-down menus and validation process to reflect your account opening process and incorporate your customer communications and forms.

Implementation and Software

Pinnacle provides iPad app technology interfaced with your vendors and workflow process and customized with your institution’s logo, color schemes, and terminology.


We offer training customized to your institution. Because SNAP uses iPad technology and features a menu-driven structure with a validation process that provides error messages and requires correct entries to proceed, training is fast and easy.

Turnkey and Ready Now

SNAP Account Opening is a complete customizable and turnkey solution—so you’ll be expediting account openings, providing improved customer service and reducing expenses once it’s implemented.

Experience and Expertise

We have worked with over 1,000 community banks and credit unions since 1997. We understand retail banking, your business and your challenges ... and we have the expertise to provide complete guidance and support.

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