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for community banks

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Programs & Services

Our goal is to help you acquire and retain

more account holders, increase your

income and maintain your competitive edge.

Overdraft Privilege

Pinnacle’s overdraft privilege services improve operational efficiencies, enhance loyalty, preserve fee income and comply with federal overdraft regulations. Our overdraft programs are fully-automated, fully-disclosed and fully in compliance. With a Pinnacle program financial institutions can continue to provide a much wanted and needed service that is both right for your institution and right for the consumer. Find out more about overdraft privilege >>

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What Counts Rewards

Before you decide to offer a free gift for opening a checking account ... or before think about rewarding your account holders with points, miles or merchant discounts .. you need to consider the benefits of a debit card cash rewards program. Not only is cash the reward people want most, it’s the only kind of program that can help you acquire NEW accounts, retain existing accounts AND increase your non-interest income. Find out more about cash back rewards >>

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Mystery Shopping & Customer Satisfaction

Be certain of how closely your customers’ actual banking service experiences align with your expectations. Our Mystery Shopping service enhances your sales and customer service effectiveness, improves customer satisfaction and assists you with your employee development efforts. Find out more about mystery shopping >>

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Like no other checking account nowBANKING provides your financial institution with a unique opportunity to appeal to a new market segment, differentiate itself from the competition, position itself as a technology leader, and tap into an unfound revenue stream. It&rsquos the right solution for your institution and for your prospective customers ... right now. Find out more about nowBanking >>

Consulting Services

Our team works with you to identify the appropriate product mix for your market, and then to ensure your technology, processes and people are aligned to help you exceed your business goals. Our focus is on implementing measurable earnings improvement quickly and effectively. Find out more about consulting services >>

Merchant Services

Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions is a full-service provider of debit and credit card processing. The MCPS Program for Banks and Credit Unions empowers financial institutions to grow their portfolio while strengthening their relationship with their commercial customers. Find out more about merchant services >>

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